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How to get to Gjakova?

Gjakova is located in the South-West of Kosovo, about 80 km from the capital Prishtina.

Travelling to Gjakova is much easier as you might possibly expect!
Flying to Kosovo is not unaffordable. The currency is Euro. Within the country you will find very easy going bus travel connections. And many friendly people to help you to find your way. Kosovo is a small country. :-)

We will be happy to give personal advice to anyone of you travellers and help you to find your best options. Just ask us.


The best way to reach Kosovo is by plain. For best connections and prices go to www.airprishtina.com, www.prishtinaticket.com, www.flyksa.com or www.wizzair.com, also of course you can use search engines like www.opodo.com or www.skyscanner.com

From Prishtina, Skopje or Tirana the best way to Gjakova is by bus. Look for you connection on www.travel.gjirafa.com/en

Please note!

Travel between Kosovo and Serbia

Entry/onward travel into Serbia from Kosovo is only possible, if entry into Kosovo has previously taken place overland from Serbia or if you use the border crossing from North Macedonia and/or Montenegro and the total travel time does not exceed three months.

Travel options within country


Bus connection from Airport Prishtina to bus station of Prishtina. From the Prishtina bus station, buses usually run every hour to Gjakova.

Price: app. 5 EUR, Duration: app. 90 minutes.

The last buses to Gjakova usually leave Prishtina Bus Station between 19:00 and 20:00, so if your plain arrives later you have to rely on a taxi. Bus tickets are payed directly and in cash on the bus (EURO is the official currency in Kosovo).


Taxis from Prishtina to Gjakova cost app. 50 EUR. Taxi prices are publicly posted at the exit of Prishtina Airport (you shouldn't pay more - most drivers try to charge a higher price!)

Where to stay in Gjakova?

There are many options to stay in Gjakova or in the beautiful region nearby.
Why not consider to combine your stay with a holiday?


Please find here some recommendations and agreements, that we expect to best fit the needs of you dancers during the Marathoncito.

Hotel 12


Our first recommendation! Modern, well-equipped hotel close to the venue at only a few minutes walking distance

For further options contact: info@hotel-12.com

Address: Hotel 12, Nënë Tereza, Gjakovë 50000

We have also another special agreement with the beautiful hotel Çarshia e Jupave.

The promotion code is “Kosova Tango 2024”.

Hurry up to save your space.

Mail to info@qarshiaejupave.com

Carshia e Jupave


Hotel La Villa


A little bit outside of Gjakova center, located close to the town forest, you can find this beautiful hotel. Highlight: outdoor swimming pool!

Recommended for those who do not mind to stay a bit apart from the event location (walking distance: app. 20 min).

Address: Firze, Shkugez, Gjakova, Kosovo, 50000

You found more?

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