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Janja Frank is a member of the vibrant tango community of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She comes up with a broad experience in terms of tango as she is also hosting the famous Ljubljana Tango Festival.

Janja’s approach as Tango DJ is to create:
Vibrations in the air, pleasant vital energy, support for dancers to indulge in a loving flow of music that leads to attractive encounters - with themselves.

Jens-Ingo Brodesser from Belgium is an internationally recognized Tango DJ who has performed  in numerous tango festivals and events all over Europe. 

About his DJing he says: Fashions come and go! At a DJ-set I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. Diversity and changing impulses are the keywords. I like to think of colours and shapes like when you paint a picture. You start at a certain point and let the whole thing evolve. Maybe you tell a story, maybe you are abstract but the most important is that you express something through the music you play and that you make the people dance!

Céline Devèze from Nice/France is one of the most popular international DJs with more than 20 years of tango experience. She has played her sets at numerous marathons, festivals and encuentros all around Europe and abroad. Céline aims to maintain the energy on the dancefloor while nurturing the emotions of the dancers with a nuanced selection of music from the late 30s to the 50s. She is a DJ with elegance, emotion and energy!

Helena from Skopje/ Northern Macedonia, is a dynamic and passionate Tango DJ who loves to make people move. Her style combines traditional Argentine rhythms with modern twists, making sure to add uplifting and dance inviting cortinas.

Beside DJing, Helena Shtrbac gives Tango classes in Evolution Dance Kosovo in Prishtina. 

Baki Vertiola is one of the best known Tango DJs in Munich and South Germany, who is coming back to his homecountry for this event. As soon as Baki started  DJing, he experienced the joy of catching the atmosphere of a moment and share it with those present. It has been his passion from that day on, to enchant dancers with these incomparable moods that only tango is able to create. Baki is looking forward to grant deep insights into his passion with his beautiful music.

Anne Camacho was dancing and deep-diving into tango music for years when friends from her local community in Munich asked her to perform as TDJ. So there she is! Inspired from her most recent trip to Buenos Aires she is excited to bring you onto the dancefloor and make your feet burn with her favorite traditional tandas and spicy cortinas.

Kastriot Gjoni is a DJ Newcomer from Munich, born in Gjakova, who will enchant you with traditional music from the golden age and modern interpretation of timeless tango songs. Just amazing and fresh ;)!

Live Orchestra

Join the open air live sequence on Saturday afternoon with the local

Pirolo Kosova Tango Orchestra

Pirolo Kosova Tango Orchestra is a group of six professional musicians from Kosovo, playing tango music collectively since 2017. The orchestra's extensive repertoire includes everything from well-known Argentinian tango music, Brazilian, and African music, to the newest tango composition styles and songs of the twenty-first century. For years, this orchestra collaborated with expert tango musicians like violinist Juanito Braceras to adopt the best tango style. Except for Kosovo, the orchestra performed concerts in Thun, Basel, and Bern, Switzerland, regularly over the past six years, in association with the professional Argentine dancers Mario and Sonia Labrunie and their organization "Viento Sur." This is Kosovo's first and only tango orchestra, and its members are extremely motivated to continue this tradition.


Tango classes for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced dancers with
Gustavo Gomez & Daniela Hidalgo

Gustavo Gomez has been teaching Tango for about 20 years in Germany. Previously, he worked in a dance school in his home country Argentina. Gustavo teaches mainly in the south of Munich, Germany, also in  Regensburg, Rosenheim, Innsbruck and in Argentina, where he is "at home".
Important Tango personalities who have influenced Gustavo's  dancing are: Johanna Copes, Bruno Gibertoni, Alejandra Mantinan, Aoniken Quiroga, Martin Ojeda, Mariana Montes Sebastian Arce, El Pibe Sarandi, Adrian Veredice, Oscar Mandagaran, Jorge el Turco.

Gustavo has a contagious and emotional way in conveying his technique not only to the leader but also to the follower. In addition, a shot of humor is never missing, a pinch of "the original Argentine way" and a handful of stories from real life.

Daniela Molina, born in Medellin/Colombia, started dancing very early in her childhood. She has been on stage as a professional dancer with a dance company in South America, on cruise ships and Dubai for many years and has been teaching since she was young.

She has been living in Germany since 2011 and is now dedicating herself more to Tango Argentino. For her, dancing the tango means a love of life. Above all, the dimension of experiencing a deep connection with a person has a liberating effect on a mental and physical level.

She loves to teach and to accompany her students on their way to their own tango. With her open and warm nature, every tango dancer is guaranteed to feel comfortable in her lessons.

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Kastriot Gjoni
with Baki, Dafina, Anne and Anke
Munich and Prishtina  

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