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Kosovo – Gjakova

Where We Dance

Kosova Tango means dancing all over the beautiful city of Gjakova:
An atmospheric winebar in the historic center, a broad and brillant ballroom for the Gala Night, and some beautiful outdoor spots for the afternoon milongas.

The Main venue

The main venue for evening milongas and workshops is an atmospheric winebar in the historic center of Gjakova. There will be an extra wooden dancefloor set for the event.

Winebar Hotel Çarshia e Jupave

Ismail Qemajli, 9 Str, Gjakovë 50000 (Google Maps)

The Gala Hall

Saturday night’s Gala Milonga will take place in the broad and brilliant ballroom of the main hotel in town, Hotel Pashtriku.
Enormously large marble dancefloor, chandeliers and exuberant decor to make everybody shine – all that you can expect from the special charme of the elegance of former socialist grandezza.

Hotel Pashtriku

Nena Terezë, Gjakovë 50000 (Google Maps)
Also recommended for accomodation

The Outdoor Floor

Let’s breathe the scent of Kosovo’s spring when dancing, chilling or having a glass of wine in the afternoon at Gjakova’s Ali Podrima Park. Temporary dancing floorgrounds will be rolled out.
Saturday afternoon we will have an additional live concert here with Gjakova’s Pirolo Kosova Tango Orchestra playing their best Tangos for us - and everyone interested from the local audience (a la gorra).

Parko Kulturuor “Ali Podrimja”
Yjet e Erenikut, Gjakovë 50000 (Google Maps)

Beautiful City of Gjakova

In the Southwest of Kosovo, in a valley close to the Albanian Border, you find Gjakova, a typical historical spot, dating back to the 15th century. Many picturesque buildings and sights, above all the historical Old Basar (Çarshija e vjetër) combined with a young and vivid cultural and gastronomical scene contribute to the very special atmosphere of this jewel of an eastern European city.

Take a ride.

About Kosovo

Embrace the beauty and people of this still undiscovered country in the heart of Europe.

Travel & Accomodation

Travelling to Gjakova is much easier than you might think.
And we have selected a choice of beautiful places to stay for you.

Find all information on travel and accomodation here

The Venue

The main venue for the milongas is an atmospheric winebar in the historic center of Gjakova:
Winebar Hotel Çarshia e Jupave (Google Maps)

There will be an extra wooden dancefloor set for the event.

Happy to see you! 💛

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